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Continuing the book binge

Product DetailsI’ve had a bunch of travel recently and also decided I would read for a bit every night before going to bed.  So continuing the book reviews:

Poke The Box by Seth Godin, was an awful book, complete waste of money.  It is just one long ramble that could have been summarized in one sentence “Stop thinking about doing something, actually do it.”  The book doesn’t provide any good guidance, or examples, or really anything useful.  Do not waste money on this book.

Do More Faster by David Cohen and Bred Feld, the book is really an advertisement for TechStars, the mentorship-based incubator they founded.  There is some good information in the book, especially the practical sections on legal structure and human resources, but most of the book is actually quite boring.

Faster, Cheaper, Better by Michael Hammer is what I’m on now.  I’m fascinated with Hammer’s reengineering craze that revolutionized business processes in the 90’s and have so far enjoyed this book.  I don’t agree with everything inside… those that have worked with me know I am adaminantly against flow charts or process maps, but that is for another post.

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