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Two Huge Innovations from Seventh Gen

Two great innovations have come out of green products pioneer Seventh Generation this past week.  Announced at Expo West, a new laundry detergent that will bring us closer to reduced waste and a lower total environmental footprint.

First, the bottle itself is made of cardboard.  Seventh Gen was able to reduce total use of plastic to just 1/3 of what competitor’s use, by using a cardboard bottle with a plastic bag inside to hold the detergent.  The entire thing is technically recyclable, although most consumers won’t be able to throw it in their bin in their communities.

The second great feat was becoming the first manufacturer to move to a 4x concentrated laundry detergent!  Seventh Generation unveiled the new product last week to great fanfare.  The new product will reduce waste, reduce GHG emissions, reduce energy, and for the consumer, make it less of a hassle to drag detergent home from the grocery store.

Kudos to my friends at Seventh Generation!

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