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Diving head first into entrepreneurship

After leaving my previous company, I took some time to figure out what I would like to do next.  And while I haven’t completely determined what path I want to go down, I did decide to revive a project I have been thinking about for over two years.

With that, I’m happy to announce the creation of Greencurement – a platform that will provide tools to institutions (governments, hospitals, schools) and businesses to manage their procurement policies and buy greener products.  We just finalized the company last night and signed our agreements.  We are ready for business.

The idea for Greencurement was sparked over two years ago in coversations with procurement officers.  I came to realize there was no easy way for procurement professionals to identify products that meet their purchasing specifications, let alone determine what environmental specifications to choose.  There are hundreds of standards, certifications, eco-labels and health and environmental attributes, let alone performance requirements.

I reached out to an old colleague I worked with for a couple years on developing environmental databases and he and a friend decided to pair up with me on developing this software.  So here we are, day one of the new company, working day and night to create software that will make green procurement much easier!

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